Friday, December 27, 2013

Holiday Health

Yesterday, all four girls made it our house to start the rest of Christmas.  I love all of them very much, but my stress tolerance (or lack there of) sometimes gets the better of me.

Between about 6 hours in a car yesterday, a trip to Walmart with all 4 girls, and the opening of presents, I was not feeling good last night.  I was cranky, achy, and tired. I did get a very good night's sleep.  However, since I went to bed at 8 last night, I was awake by 4 this morning.

Today has been better.  They've had plenty to keep them occupied.  Though I've had a headache on and off today, I've managed to avoid a migraine (woot, progress).  I've also not taken a nap today, which is a rare thing.

As I'm typing this, I'm debating between early bed, since I'm tired, and waiting it out, so I can sleep in.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Caffeine Withdrawal Sucks

On Wednesday, I told you that the neurologist wanted me to cut back on my caffeine with the final result for it to be gone completely.  On Thursday, I realized I was out of tea and there wasn't any soda (that I wanted and had caffeine) in the house.  So I went without.  Friday came and I still hadn't made any tea.  There was still no soda.  I figured I had made it one day, let's try another. 

It is now Sunday morning.  I have had no caffeine, not even of the medicine variety (Excedrin, Butalbital).  I've made it this far, let's see if I can keep it up.  The only caffeinated beverages in the house right now are coffee, which I love the smell of and can't stand the taste of, and Diet Shasta (yuck).  Water, hot herbal teas, and Squirt (which I'm excited to be able to drink again) are what is left.

I can do this.  It helps that their are no kids in the house again until Thursday.  It hasn't been as hard as I thought it would be.  I wanted a Pepsi yesterday, but I didn't have one.  I was even at Walmart twice and Winco once, and still managed to stay away from it.

Many thanks and love to Ted for putting up with me during this time.  The positive support of telling me that I CAN do this.  The gentle reminder that I've made it this long, why go back.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Neurologist Appointment

Today's appointment with the neurologist was easily the best appointment I've ever had when it comes to my migraines.  Dr. Bender is not only a neurologist, he is also a headache specialist.  He even went to a headache conference just a few weeks ago!

After going over my migraine history, my current migraines were given a name:  Transformed Migraines.  Not only did he give them a name, we decided to change a few of my medications.  

It turns out the blood pressure medication I've been taking, both for blood pressure and for migraines (Propranolol), can also cause depression.  Since I am taking 2 different antidepressants, one for the migraines and one for depression caused by the migraines, it seems silly to be taking a medicine that can cause depression.  So he changed it to Lisinopril.  There are 2 things that make me happier to make the change: 1) I will only have to take it once a day instead of twice like the Propranolol. 2) I will no longer have to avoid grapefruit.  :)

I also get to stop taking one of the antidepressants!  Yay!  I've always thought it was a bit odd to be taking 2 different ones.

He also wants me to limit my Butalbital to twice a week to cut down on the possibility of rebound headaches.  I also have been directed to cut out caffeine.  That is going to suck.  I've cut back on the soda and have been drinking more tea.  Now I am supposed to cut that out.  At least he didn't tell me to quit cold turkey.  I can actually brew my tea as half decaf and half caffeinated.  This way it will be a bit easier to get the caffeine out of my diet. 

Even with all of these changes, or maybe because of them, I'm really looking forward to working with this doctor.  I get to see him again in 6 weeks.

Wish me luck with all of these changes!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


The neurologists office called just a bit ago to confirm my appointment tomorrow.  Of course, I said I would be there.  I've been waiting for over 2 months for this.  No way I would miss it.  Then they reminded me to bring the new patient paperwork they sent with me.  Ummm.....I never received any paperwork?  "We sent it to you on December 4th."  I still have not gotten anything other than a postcard saying that they moved.  No biggie, I just have to be there 15 minutes earlier to take care of that.  After hanging up, I wondered if there was anything else they might not have, such as the report from the MRI I had.  So I called them back.  Of course, they didn't have it.  Now I'm wondering what the hell my primary doctor sent them.  Do they even know all that I've been through in just the last 6 months or so.  Not to mention the last 2 1/2 years.

Getting the report to them was no big deal.  I just had to call the place I had it done and have them fax the report.  I'm just even more nervous about tomorrow than I already was.  It's frustrating knowing that my doctors aren't even communicating properly and I haven't even seen the neurologist yet.


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Today started off so very well.....

When I woke this morning, for the first time in weeks, I actually felt pretty darn good.  I actually felt like I just might make it through the day without having a migraine.  A small headache, maybe, but no nasty migraine.  A huge relief it would be if that happened.  

Since I had plans for appointments in the afternoon, I spent the morning mostly relaxing, knowing that being relaxed would help keep the migraine away.  By 1pm, I was extremely hopeful.  Mostly pain free and no other signs of a migraine.

Not even 30 minutes later, I got hit with a particularly nasty one.  Pain, nausea, and dizziness all at once.  I had to cancel my appointments for the afternoon and lay down on the couch.  As I lay there listening to my latest audio book, I was not happy.  I had stuff to do today, for goodness sake.  

When the girls got home from school, I got off the couch and I am now trying to be "here" for my girls.  It's not easy, as everything is irritating me.  Especially noises.  I can deal with music, so I've got ear phones on, listening to a mix of everything.  I can still hear all the little noises that are bothering me, but it's much easier to ignore it.

It still might be an early night, as my head hurts and I feel like I could cry at any minute.  I also know that I'm likely to "blow up" at my kids for everything and they don't deserve that.  They are just being kids and yelling at them for that will not help any of us.


Sunday, December 8, 2013

Recap for Everyone

Just a recap for everyone:

My migraines have worsened to the point where I chosen to quit working in order to deal with them.  We have moved in with Ted's dad to make this a bit easier on all of us.

I will be seeing a neurologist on December 18th.  This will be to figure out the migraines themselves.  I will be seeing an OB/Gyn on January 16th to discuss getting my tubes tied.  There are 2 reasons for this.  The first is to get off of birth control of any sort in the hopes that this might help the migraines.  I will also be talking to her about the possibility of a hysterectomy helping the migraines.  On February 26th, I will be seeing a sleep study doctor for a consult to decide if I need to be tested for sleep apnea, as that also could be a factor in my migraines.

Shannon was recently diagnosed with ADHD.  We are still deciding what exactly we will be doing about it, but for the moment it's still a pretty new thing for us.  We will be working with a child counselor to help us all learn how to work with her whether we do medication or not.  

I have started this blog both as a way for me to vent/get out my feelings and also to be able to keep everyone up to date on everything.

Special Needs

My sister has a son with Autism and ADHD.  I have a number of friends with children with many different special needs. I have a step daughter with ADHD and anxiety.  My own daughter was recently diagnosed with ADHD.  This quote has always had meaning, but it has taken on a life of it's own.  I hope I never have to defend any of these children, but I will if I have to.

Not exactly a migraine post, but still something that affects me every day of my life.

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Monday, December 2, 2013

Keeping a Migraine Journal

Decided to give this a shot.  Hoping it works, as I am having a hard time keeping a paper journal.  Wish me luck!