Friday, April 4, 2014

Let the Updates Commence

I saw my neurologist again yesterday.  I had the beginnings of a migraine while I was in his office and he got to experience some of my mental mix up.  We talked about how I feel during some of my migraines, which he said were normal for migraine sufferers.  While I know in my head that I'm not alone, it was good for my heart to actually hear this.

We also talked about my medication.  Since the Gabapentin is working for my restless leg issues, we are leaving that alone.  As for the Topamax, he started me out on the lowest dose, so it has now been doubled.  One of the things he asked before upping the dose was if I had noticed any tingling or numbness in my fingers, which I hadn't.  I think I jinxed myself because this morning the tip of my right ring finger was pretty tingly.

We also talked about where to go from here.  I asked about feverfew and magnesium, since I had read a few things about them.  He said, between his experience and the research he had done, feverfew wasn't helpful at all.  As for magnesium, while it is good if I have a migraine bad enough to send me to the ER and they give it to me with iv fluids, it does nothing in small doses to prevent migraines.  We talked about the new Cephaly device.  He is still researching that, but is willing to try it if my insurance will cover it.  In the research he has read so far, it is only marginally helpful (1-2 less migraines a month), but that is better than nothing.  

I go back in 3 weeks.  By then, I will also have the results of my sleep study and we should have a better idea of where we can go from there.  So, fingers and toes crossed!

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