Sunday, December 8, 2013

Recap for Everyone

Just a recap for everyone:

My migraines have worsened to the point where I chosen to quit working in order to deal with them.  We have moved in with Ted's dad to make this a bit easier on all of us.

I will be seeing a neurologist on December 18th.  This will be to figure out the migraines themselves.  I will be seeing an OB/Gyn on January 16th to discuss getting my tubes tied.  There are 2 reasons for this.  The first is to get off of birth control of any sort in the hopes that this might help the migraines.  I will also be talking to her about the possibility of a hysterectomy helping the migraines.  On February 26th, I will be seeing a sleep study doctor for a consult to decide if I need to be tested for sleep apnea, as that also could be a factor in my migraines.

Shannon was recently diagnosed with ADHD.  We are still deciding what exactly we will be doing about it, but for the moment it's still a pretty new thing for us.  We will be working with a child counselor to help us all learn how to work with her whether we do medication or not.  

I have started this blog both as a way for me to vent/get out my feelings and also to be able to keep everyone up to date on everything.


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