Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Last 2 Weeks

Two weeks ago today, my neurologist gave me a new medicine to try.  He wanted me to give it 2 weeks and then call him to tell him how I am doing.

I will be calling him today.  I have no good news for him, which is depressing.  The last 3 days have been especially bad.  I've been extremely cranky.  I've been dizzy and just blah feeling.  The nausea has been especially bad.  It hasn't been more than just nausea, but it's been closer than it has been in a long time. Take dinner, for instance. The last 2 nights, it has smelled wonderful. However, that smell has made so nauseous, I didn't want to eat.

Yesterday, I had a few dizzy spells. I also had an aura that lasted longer than usual. Seeing shooting stars in the bathroom isn't a normal thing for me, though it has been known to happen. I'm going to bed very early every night. I'm lucky if I can make it until 7. Any sound above a loud whisper makes me want to scream. Lights just about do me completely in.

I read an article on once that explained how I feel most days. It was about waiting for the next migraine attack. The feeling was compared to seeing a baseball coming at you and tensing, just waiting for it to hit. This is how I feel. I am constantly having to force myself to relax.

I'm ready to cry, which would just make my head hurt worse.  This can't keep up. 


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