Friday, November 22, 2013

Patience, or lack thereof

As I'm sitting here waiting impatiently for bedtime, I find myself wondering where my patience has gone. I used to be a fairly patient person who was also very even tempered. Not so much anymore. Sometimes the smallest thing will set me off. I either give up in frustration or yell in anger. Neither of these is good for dealing with migraines.  Nor are they good when dealing with children.

I don't like to cook anymore because invariably someone "hates" it. Cleaning is frustrating because it either doesn't get noticed or gets destroyed shortly after what feels like hours of work. Helping my kids with homework is almost always a battle. Shower time is a fight over who has to go first.

None of these are fun, for any parent. For me, they are a nightmare. My 2 biggest triggers for a migraine are weather changes and stress. I love my children dearly, but 7 year old twin girls could stress out probably anyone.

I'm trying to not let things bother me quite so much. Some days it actually works.


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