Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Migraine and Noises

It has come to my attention, especially recently, that I don't like odd noises. I hate them when I have a migraine. I am currently listening to someone eat cereal and it's very grating.

My kids were humming this morning while getting ready for school. Normally, I like hearing music, especially from my kids. I love music and I'm glad that they like it, too. I just can't handle the humming.

My fiances cell phone vibrates every time a new tweet shows up on his Twitter page, even at night. I swear it shakes the whole bed.

Toys, video games, McDonald's fry machines, loud bass on cars driving by....you name it, it probably bothers me.

Ted even bought me ear plugs, hoping they would help. I can't stand putting them in my ears.


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