Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Complaining Again...Sorry

Not feeling too hot today. 

I woke up feeling pretty good.  Got out of bed right when the alarm went off and went straight to the shower.  Boy, did that feel good.  Kids got up without too much fussing.  They even got ready with a minimum of fighting and/or playing.

Then, my head started to hurt, I got dizzy and now I'm nauseous.  I really don't like this.  

I haven't heard of my results from the oximetry test.  I'm sure that means it's ok, but I still would rather know.

I just now heard from the neurologist's office.  And I mean that literally.  They sent me a letter to call them to set up an appointment.  I have to wait until December to see him.  

I haven't heard anything about the referral to a chiropractor and/or masseuse.  

I'm so tired of being in limbo and not being able to do anything about it.  My doctor won't try any new pain meds until after I see the neuro.  Which means I don't know if what I'm taking will work from one day to the next.

To top all of this off, I broke the fan on my good laptop and I'm having to use one of the kids'.  It's not powerful enough to be able to play any of the MMO's I like to play.  I'm trying to find something else to do with all the time I have on my hands, but it's hard.  I can't really do as much around the house as I would like, because it's not my house.  I can only read so much without my head hurting.  I can only cross stitch so much without hurting both my head and my wrist.  I can't afford to buy anymore audio books to listen to.  I am not much of tv watcher and movies get old after awhile.

Even worse, I promised my best friend I would help her with her music business and I have been horrible about it.  I feel less than helpful which really sucks.


I know it will get better and I'm really looking forward to that.  I just am having hard time dealing with the now.


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