Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Testing Continues.....

I knew I might have some weird tests done with this whole "let's figure out these headaches", but the most recent one was a new one for me.  

Apparently, I snore.  My wonderful fiance has sleep apnea and was concerned that I might have it as well and that it might be a reason for some of the pain and fatigue I have been dealing with.  My doctor wanted to do a preliminary test before sending me for a complete sleep study.  the test is called Pulse Oximetry.  In case you've never heard of this, what they do is put a small probe on the end of one finger.  This in turn is attached to a watch-like device that, of course, goes on your wrist.  You wear this contraption all night while trying to sleep.  This device is supposed to measure your oxygen levels while sleeping to see if they drop low enough to possibly be a problem.

While I know this is not the strangest test I will have done, nor is it the strangest I've already had done, it was not the most comfortable or pleasant.  I don't like having things disrupt my sleep.  I want comfort and I hate being woke up, by anything.  This means I didn't sleep well, at all.  

I'm also annoyed by the fact that when the device was picked up this morning, it had only recorded an hour's worth of time.  I wore that thing for over 8 hours!  They are hoping to be able to get the information they need from it, but if they can't, I will have to go through it all again.  I know that there are worse, more painful, more annoying, etc, things I could (and probably will) have done, but I'm still annoyed that it could have been a night's worth of little sleep for nothing.

On a more positive note, I received a call from my doctor's office yesterday and they have already sent a referral to the neurologist.  I should hear something today or tomorrow, hopefully.  


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